Open Season


Today, for inexplicable reasons, the holiday season began for me.  I even started listening to Christmas carols.  I think it’s that New Orleans had its first legitimate cold snap.  Or that my office is having its Turkey Day this Wednesday so I have had to start looking at recipes.  Or that I sent out invitations to the big family Christmas Eve party that we will be hosting again this year.  Or maybe it was all of these things converging on one day.

I love the winter holiday season: the food, the decorations, the music and television specials, the traditions and familial elements.  I do not like the commercialism of it all, and I HATE that this year it started after Halloween instead of after Thanksgiving.  It’s absurd.

I will again make efforts to do many homemade gifts, mainly in the cooking department.  I am too tired and its too late for me to start knitting like I did last year.  And for the little kids that will get store-bought items, those are already purchased.  So the rest on my list will be taken care of by time spent in my kitchen.  With my new little helper.

This year, though not Sun’s first Christmas, will be for Sun the beginning of the magical quality that the winter season encapsulates.  And I am rather certain that I am far more excited about it than she is.

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