2010 Ford Taurus


Greta of Kiss My Gumbo extended an invitation to me and three other bloggers (and Chris Shultz extended the same invitation to several other NOLA bloggers) from folks at Ford who are part of the 100 Cities Tour promoting the 2010 Taurus.

It was really great to meet other NOLA bloggers I hadn’t yet met and to catch up with those I now consider my friends.  We had dinner at Mandina’s and then had the opportunity to go for a test drive in the 2010 Taurus, one of only two currently in the entire country.  Cool, eh?

Greta failed to let the nice Ford people know that I buy a new car every 15 years and am still four years out of even hoping to think about a new car.  Nonetheless, I can honestly say that if I find that I do need a new car soon (over even in four years), the new Taurus is in the running.

Aside from the cool keyless entry, the Sirius radio, the sync up capabilities with your cell phone, and the, like, seven funky colors you can select for the inside floor lights (I liked the purple), what I liked best was that it felt solid and controlled.  It handled very smoothly, even on NOLA’s notoriously bumpy streets.  It was also an uber quiet ride.  And then there’s its size.  I HATE large cars and do not think that just because I have a child I need a minivan or an SUV.  Nope, this sedan had more than enough room for my entire family and the stuff we’d take if we’d ever evacuate for a hurricane again, which we won’t but which is now a legitimate consideration New Orleanians have when shopping for a car.

And did I mention the radar on the front end that automatically slows down the cruise control when you approach a slower car and then resumes your speed once that car is no longer in front of you?  Cuz that was just cool and new and pretty awesome.

I wasn’t paid to review this car (other than my lovely meal with great folks).  And I am not running out to buy a Taurus once they are filled on the car lots here.  But for the next four years, at least I now have a vision of what to dream about.

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