Suite & Tender


Comic Con is in full swing in San Diego and we are in the middle of it!  This year seems more crowded, with my favorite Exhibitor not here :( I left my laptop at home and am on CS’s, so pics are forthcoming.

Tonight, though, was decadent. We went to a mod restaurant .  One that’s sleek and expensive and has not one highchair in the joint.  We left Sun at the hotel with my sister and took a cab to join NOLA friends that also attend The Con every year.  We went to Suite & Tender and enjoyed dishes like Kobe beef carpaccio, scallops coupled with pork belly, crab cakes, seared tuna, sea bass, spare ribs and lobster.  And we had desserts!  And they even gave each of us a small pack of cookies for the road.

The restaurant was dimly light.  I was given a tray of steak knives to choose from; I selected NOT the switchblade one, nor the one designed by the folks that make Porsche, nor even the one designed after a samurai sword; no, I selected the one with rose petals in the handle.  Why? Because I wasn’t a mom tonight.  I was a woman.  In a dress.  And heels!  With rose petals in my flatware.  In a restaurant that has people that are so cool and hip they use new fancier words than “cool” and “hip.”

And the thought bubble over my head now reads, “Thank you, San Diego, for always being such a lovely host.  Thank you.”

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