Louisiana Living

by Nola

New Orleans, for all her charms, is but one amazing experience Louisiana has to offer.  For this long holiday weekend, we took advantage of another: the fishing camp.

We are in South Louisiana.  Think End of the Earth.


The camp has been raised since sustaining major damage in Hurricane Rita, then more with Ike.  Now it sits twelve feet above the ground.  Downstairs, a screened porch.  Upstairs, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, stocked kitchen (and bar), den, dining room, and screened and open porches.

There’s also a boathouse, and piers galore.

But what is its most valuable asset is its very being.  Its smell; its opportunity; its soul.  And all of us here this weekend get it.  Those swampy waters are in our Louisiana veins as thick as blood.  This place calls to us, primordially and with force.  And we answer the call, happily and with glee.

The days here are long, filled with fishing, crabbing, and all manner of alligator taunting.

The evenings are more relaxing than the days.  Meals slowly cooked (usually by the menfolk), slow sips of cocktails.  The camp has a large screen TV and wireless internet (my friend *is* civilized, after all), but these amenities get about 20% of their potential use.  Better than the sound of television is the sound of cicadas, crickets, and passing boats.  Or the simple sound of silence.

Yes, this is a vacation I have had countless times in my life so far and never, ever tire of it.

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