No One Said being Responsible was Easy

by Nola

Yesterday, I learned Tulane posted on its listserv that is accessibly by all Tulane employees and students that an employee’s laptop had been stolen over the holidays, and that the computer had on it all, ALL, employee confidential information–name, social security numbers, salary, date of birth, date of hire–for all 2010 employees.  And Tulane’s response is to pay for each employee an identity theft protection for a year. No mention of the employee being fired.  Or why he had this laptop chuck-full of confidential information not on his person but in his car left unattended.

My response? Total irresponsibility.

WHY was this confidential information on a laptop and not a secure server?  How was this laptop allowed to leave the campus?  What training did the employee have about leaving this computer in his car?  As an attorney, I NEVER leave a file in my car. NEVER.  I take work home and stop to eat before I get home? My briefcase comes in with me.  Inconvenient but SAFE.  Why?  Because my clients have entrusted me with confidence in handling their files.  It would be irresponsible to toss it in the back seat and assume it will be safe.

The shooting of Congresswoman Giffords strikes the same chord with me.  At this moment, we don’t know the motive of the shooter.  It may end up being some jealous ex-boyfriend.  But it doesn’t change the climate of irresponsibility that is atwitter over gun-rights-folks ala Sarah Palin right now.

It is irresponsible to advocate for gun rights, to tout, “Don’t retreat, reload;” to promote guns being carried at political gatherings and then to go silent when a politician is shot up at just such a political gathering.  It is irresponsible to suggest that what is best offered in such a case is prayer.  I am watching Fox to understand the Right’s position now.  That is where this talk of prayer was addressed.  Otherwise, the Right sees this a just another tragedy.

The focus of Fox’s Right guests seems to be on whether higher safety measures will be put in place in the future.  How very non-self-reflective of them.

I am told I am jumping to conclusions not even knowing if a gun-toting anti-Democrat was the shooter or what his motive was.  I am writing this now before that motive  is known to make the point that even NOT knowing his motive, that the silence coming from the Sarah Palins is deafening.  That all they can offer are their prayers and not an understanding that maybe, maybe, the position they advocate, the venom with which they spew it, the don’t-retreat-reload-stance is irresponsible.

And what if it turns out that a gun-toting anti-Democrat was the shooter?  That he took too literally the target Sarah Palin had of Giffords, and others, on her website?  I’ll bet the farm they will deem the shooter a lone wolf crazy person that didn’t represent the party’s true tenets and oh-what-a-shame.  And the question of what is one’s responsibility when advocating for the support of dangerous weapons in dangerous settings will not even cross their small minds.

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