Mini Kingcake Wars

by Nola

Twitter has been abuzz about the latest NOLA craze: the mini kingcake.  Genius, I know, right?!?

First was Hubig’s to hit the scene last week.  They admitted the first batch had “sliding icing” issues and needed clear packaging.   So as they were revamping, La Dolce Nola hit the twittertube with the news of their mini kingcake too.  I had to be on Metairie Road yesterday and couldn’t resist stopping in at La Dolce Nola and trying one of their cakes.  Then I saw Hubig’s ones at Rouses today.  I have now eaten both.

The results?

1.  Appearance.  Both are circular, following the tradition of their regular-sized counterparts.  Both are LESS ICED than the regular ones, and this is a good thing as far as I am concerned.  La Dolce Nola has none of the white icing–just a thin sugar coating covered with lots of the tri-colored granulated sugar.  Hubig’s has the white icing with the tri-colored sprinkles on top.  By appearance alone, La Dolce Nola wins.

Hubig’s mini kingcake

2.  Texture.  Both are CAKES.  These are not donuts or pies or bagels or other bakery items.  They are cakes.  La Dolce Nola’s is more flaky where Hubig’s is more dense and chewy.  In this department, Hubig’s felt more like the real deal.  But let’s get to it, shall we.  Which tasted better?

La Dolce Nola’s mini kingcake

3. Flavor.  Both were tasty, and I’d eat both again.  Hubig’s has a touch of cinnamon that is lacking in La Dolce Nola’s; this doesn’t make or break either.  Hubig’s chewiness coupled with its cinnamon flavor gives it a slight bagel-esque vibe.  But it isn’t SO chewy and SO cinnaomony to make think you are really eating a bagel.  La Dolce Nola’s has a less sweet taste–a welcome element when most kingcakes are so sweet they make my teeth hurt.  But what does the most damage to La Dolce Nola’s is that theirs is a touch dry.  Not so dry as to make me never eat one again.  But dry enough to make me feel I need coffee with it to fully enjoy it.

So, taking all elements into account, if I had both in front of me, I’d pick HUBIG’S as the winner!  In this case, runner up is quite good company!

Now for the warning:  These fellas are small.  Think jumbo donut.  They cost under $2.  You will so easily be tempted to buy these darn things that it might behoove you instead to just go buy a regular size one and admit you will eat it all and be done with it than do the slow death of denying you will eat that much kingcake this carnival season and in the end eat MORE than if you’d have done the sudden death of a regular one all at once.

But enough of what I think.  Get out and try both yourself and come back and tell me which you like better.  If you learn of others, leave me a comment so we can all get in on the fun.

Whatever your preference, vive la kingcake!  Thank you both, Hubig’s and La Dolce Nola, for giving NOLA a whole new way to love and enjoy the beloved kingcake!

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