A Butcher AND a Baker?

by Nola

There was a reporting on Twitter that Cochon Butcher had its version of mini kingcakes too.  Now, I LOVE the Butcher–their sandwiches, meats and even praline bacon.  But cake?  Sans meat?  How could they compete in the mini kingcake war?

For starters, they offer four flavors, cinnamon, praline, strawberries and cream, and chocolate.

These cakes are not as “mini” as the other contendors, nor as cheap.  But they have every right to be in this fight.

I tasted all but the chocolate.  The appearance, texture and flavor of the three I tried were spot on.  The certainly taste the most like their regular-sized counterparts.  What makes these cakes shine is that they are perfectly flaky and perfectly moist.

Out of the three, my favorite was the praline one.  I am a real traditionalist when it comes to flavoring my kingcakes, so for me to like the cinnamon but prefer the praline one, that is saying a lot for the praline cake.

My one critique of the Butcher’s kingcakes, and it is my general criticism of kingcakes overall, is that they are too sweet.  That white icing coupled with the granulated sugar–there is an actual crunch of sugar as you bite down–causes my teeth to hurt after just a few bites.

So, where do the Butcher’s kingcakes fall in the Mini Kingcake Wars with Hubigs and La Dolce Nola?  At the top.  These cakes, in a blind test, taste the most like their regular counterparts.  In fact, these are better than many kingcakes being offered in traditional bakeries all over the city.

Get downtown for this one.  You won’t regret it.

UPDATE: I’ve now tasted Cochon’s chocolate mini kingcake too.  I still prefer the praline one best.   The chocolate is not a very sweet chocolate, and I like that about it.  But the overwhelming taste is still cinammon.  I don’t think they need to ramp up the chocolate flavor but rather tone down the cinammon to let the chocolate be more of the star.

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