by Nola

Today was a day of horse shit.  Aggravating non-lawyer back-of-the-house horse shit.

This afternoon, I spent with friends that unfortunately needed my legal services.  We spent hours going through papers, making calls, developing options.

When my friends left, the Missus hugged me.  After a moment, I pulled away and she stayed hugging.  I resumed my end of the hug and then after another moment pulled away again.  I resumed the hug for a third time and then pulled away yet again after just another moment.  I knew if I stayed in that hug, it’d break my heart in two.  And that isn’t part of the job.  Especially when the Mister is watching feeling vulnerable as all get-out.

This evening, the Missus sent me a message thanking me for today.  I responded that I was sorry about shorting her on the hug; that I knew I’d have cried had I stayed hugging and that just wasn’t what either of them needed.

She wrote back to me the following:

I got choked up when I hugged you so there was no shortness on your end.  It just made me realize what life has brought us through and I just felt overwhelmed.  I kept thinking today of all the work you did in law school and living away and how great you are doing.  It’s awesome that you have a wonderful profession and can spent time with Sun. It is a really extraordinary thing, what you have done with your life and not to sound  like a “mom” but I am proud of you.  And you were so great today! I could never repay you for all you did today with being kind and aware of us and our feelings.  I just want to make sure that you know how thankful I am.  It’s been really tough and I can only get through this with support like you gave today.  It means everything!

And THAT is why I am an attorney.

Thank you, Missus, for reminding me on an otherwise most awful of days.

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