An Unexpected Turn of Events

by Nola

As I was mentioning yesterday, my first impression of Sun’s grammar school left me feeling dejected and worried I’d made a major error.

One complaint I had was the confusing and vague paperwork the school sent me about parent volunteering. I already volunteer for a couple of local charities and am more than happy to give my time to Sun’s school. But the paperwork was so off-putting that I was tempted to just give the bare minimum. I fought that urge and instead took the ole bull by the horns. I called the Volunteer Coordinator (“VC”). But didn’t leave a message. So I called the next day. And hung up on the machine. Then left a message on the third day. Then sent an email on the fourth day. And continued to wait, admittedly impatiently. The fifth day, I got an email that I’d get a call the next day. And on the sixth day, we made contact.

Before we got to the purpose of the call, the VC welcomed me to the school and offered me an apology for the vague paperwork—that it will be revamped next year. The mere fact that she ACKNOWLEDGED the paperwork was inadequate gave me hope. She went further and herself complained about the evasive Supply List—that the very List is an item she and her Room Parents will to tackle this year. She even expressed her exasperation that parents have to go to four different stores to buy all the items, most of which are cleaning supplies, and—wait for it!—that the Supply List fails to mention that you can buy that super-special tape At. The. School. On. Book. Day!

Was this woman in my head? Had she read my blog? Was I dreaming? I don’t think so; not likely; NO! This was a very real parent being very involved at the school who was honest and caring and concerned. She was in a position of authority and was frank about the shortcomings of her little realm. I liked this woman from the start.

She then answered all my questions, clear up all my confusion, and inspired me to want to do more than I initially even intended.

And I couldn’t be happier.


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