Gumbo: Yeah, Yeah!

by Nola

Chill in the air, check. Saints playing on Sundays, check. It can only mean one thing. Time to check the freezer for andouille reserves, the pantry for filé powder, and get to the grocery for all the fixins. Yup, this weekend: Operation Chicken and Andouille Gumbo!

I’m going to Baton Rouge at the end of the week, and it seems the perfect opportunity to do a side trip to LaPlace, Andouille Capital of the World.

One of the best, most joyous things about living in South Louisiana is the access to fresh ingredients to make gumbo at the first sign of Fall. And even if it ends up being 90º this weekend, it won’t matter. The sheer act of going all over town for the best ingredients, prepping veggies, getting that roux to a perfect chocolate color, and putting that pot on to simmer, it is always worth the effort.

If food is the religion of New Orleans, then gumbo is its God. And I’ll be bowing at its altar soon. Thanking my lucky stars for my Louisiana life.

Peace be with you.

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