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Just Another Nervous Wreck

I found my second-oldest brother in the garage filling a box. “Whachadoin?” “Moving out.” “No, really. What are you doing?” “Nola, really, I am moving out.” Back to that box being filled he went full of determination. He wasn’t remotely kidding. So what was an 11 year old girl to do? “Can I help?” He [...]

For Argument’s Sake

Here’s the deal: I know how to argue. It isn’t because I am a lawyer (which I am). It is because I was raised by the best arguer I’ve ever met, and I learned my lessons well. I don’t mean “argue” as in scream and carry on. I mean “argue” words; logic; debate — I [...]

Control, Alt, CAMP

We spent the weekend at our friends’ fishing camp.  Just the three of us.  We woke early and dropped the crab nets in the water.  The tide was out and the expectation of crabs was slim. Sun and I also tossed fishing lines into the water.  Then we headed to Rip Van Winkle Gardens, having [...]

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

I easily could have spent yesterday under the covers, having had daylight and my thoughts blocked out. But I had plans to visit family. So Sun and I spent the day in the country. Sun dipped her toes, and her hiney, in an icy pool and spent hours literally running around naked, humming, as I [...]


I sit on the floor Near a drafty door Wondering why I haven’t sat here before. When I dated CS, I sat on his sofa in the den we now share listening to Cowboy Junkies as I read the titles to the books on his shelves and he prepared dinner for us. My heart expanded [...]

I Got Schooled

CS and I, with Sun in tow, returned for the third time (do recall that Sun is 3-1/2 years old) for the Open House of the school Sun is likely to attend this Fall.  We had previously decided this school was “it”; it had the right feel; lots of sunshine and awards of excellence; it [...]

Clean Slates and All

Well, this getting hacked has made me want to whitewash my blog and start fresh.  So the Manifest Theme from WordPress is scratching my itch.  I am certain that soon the oh, so white everywhere will start to hurt my eyes and I’ll want to jazz it up.  But for now, this look seems right.  [...]

Absinthe Magic and Cookbook Witches

There was so much to do today.  Drop off library books, laundry; donate blood; make arrangements for spending the weekend at my friend’s fishing camp; buy wine glasses and cookbooks.  It was a loose script of a day; the kind Sun and I like. As we drive into the French Quarter, the rain started to [...]

To the Sea

For those of us who returned after Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf coast, and to New Orleans, we frequently get questioned: Why did you return? How could you have returned?  We evacuated to Little Rock on Sunday.  Monday, my husband flew to Philadelphia for his job; he returned two weeks later.  I spent much of [...]

Potty Talk

“Mom,” Sun sings as she steps out of the bathroom, clean and damp.  Her mother lay in her darkened room too tired to respond.  “Mom!” Sun happily runs through the rooms, seeking.  Still, her mother stays quiet.  “Mommy,” Sun insists as she leaves the front rooms, diligent in her search.  “Mommy. . . ” Methodically, [...]