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I sit on the floor Near a drafty door Wondering why I haven’t sat here before. When I dated CS, I sat on his sofa in the den we now share listening to Cowboy Junkies as I read the titles to the books on his shelves and he prepared dinner for us. My heart expanded [...]

To the Sea

For those of us who returned after Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf coast, and to New Orleans, we frequently get questioned: Why did you return? How could you have returned?  We evacuated to Little Rock on Sunday.  Monday, my husband flew to Philadelphia for his job; he returned two weeks later.  I spent much of [...]

For Crying Out Loud, I’m Talking LOVE

A heart is not measured by how much you love but how much you are loved by others. ~ Wizard of Oz Love is a funny thing.  It makes us do funny things.  But in my case, it tends NOT to bring tears to my eyes. When CS got down on bended knew in a [...]

Too Obvious?

I had a dream over the weekend, the kind that when you wake up you are pissed at your spouse over.  You know the type, right? I dreamed it was the day of our wedding and we were at his house getting ready.  All sorts of family and friends were roaming around.  The house was [...]

A Miscarriage of Misconceptions

Looking back, the signs were there.  But when you aren’t looking, how can you see them? So today when my period turned angry and stopped me in my tracks, I assumed it was what I’m told about ALL my new ailments: It’s yet another sign of aging. Then the flow got really heavy.  No worries, [...]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are going on vacation in a few days.  CS is a comics lover, and I love CS.  So each year, we head back to the city that married us and go to the Comic Convention in San Diego.  This year, my sister will join us to help with Sun. I so look forward to [...]

Cold Afront

CS’s mother and step-father recently came for a visit, and over this visit, my mother-in-law made a comment that struck me. Let me back up. CS’s father was a bad dude. He died before I came into the picture. He left his family when CS was a young boy. My MIL alludes to how bad [...]

I Do, I Will

It’s wedding season here in New Orleans.  We’ve been invited to not less than six weddings in six weeks.   Some are the traditional New Orleans’ wedding: Cathedral ceremony and country club reception.  And some are less traditional: all-in-one wedding/reception at a room in a local restaurant.  And several in between: home ceremonies, French Quarter brunches, [...]

Releasing Tension

I am a “tight” knitter: my stitches are tight.  I have to remind myself to ease up on the tension of the yarn; relax my fingers and my mind.  I knit a cap for CS years ago, and it was a big hit.  It was a straight knit 4, purl 4 pattern, your typical skull [...]

I Spied with My Little Eye

Captain Sarcastic and I own a small business.  He runs it.  It opens at 10am everyday.  Every morning CS goes to the business, he leaves around 8:30am.  Occasionally, something would come up between 8:30 and 10 and I’d call him.  There’d be no answer at the business and he’d not answer his cell.  This didn’t [...]