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Gumbo Z’Herbes!

I got the idea about a month ago to cook Gumbo Z’Herbes, green gumbo, following Leah Chase’s recipe. But about as quickly as that thought popped into my head, I thought it even better to have Chef Chase make it for me herself.  I made such a comment on Facebook, and Native Palate immediately jumped [...]

St. Joseph’s Day 2011

We headed to the St. Joseph altars today. My mother-in-law, exiled in Arizona, had asked that I get her a new St. Joseph’s medal since she lost hers in her move out of Ohio. That was excuse enough for us. We visited three: St. Louis Cathedral (and joined the crowd for the meal prepared for [...]

A Butcher AND a Baker?

There was a reporting on Twitter that Cochon Butcher had its version of mini kingcakes too.  Now, I LOVE the Butcher–their sandwiches, meats and even praline bacon.  But cake?  Sans meat?  How could they compete in the mini kingcake war? For starters, they offer four flavors, cinnamon, praline, strawberries and cream, and chocolate. These cakes [...]

Mini Kingcake Wars

Twitter has been abuzz about the latest NOLA craze: the mini kingcake.  Genius, I know, right?!? First was Hubig’s to hit the scene last week.  They admitted the first batch had “sliding icing” issues and needed clear packaging.   So as they were revamping, La Dolce Nola hit the twittertube with the news of their [...]

Dilbert Reads My Mind…

Allowing for the Full Benefit of Living in New Orleans

I could give up liquor or cussing like a sailor.  Or I could start a diet.  Or swear off picking my cuticles on a bad day.  Or commit to reading only highbrow Russian literature written over one hundred years ago.  Or throw away my television.  Or go entirely green. The options are endless.  What to [...]

One Man’s Lazy is Another’s Man’s Peace

New Orleanians are notoriously late showing up, if they show up at all, because by and large they don’t keep calendars.  Calendars are tools for managing the future, and in New Orleans the future does not exist. . . . As for money, New Orleanians like it well enough, but not so they’d bend their [...]

Filé Emergency

My pal, Leendaluu, mentioned to me that she planned on making gumbo for the Superbowl.  This was a week and a half ago.  Clearly she already believed the Saints would be in the game.  And so did I.  And her being in upstate New York makes it hard for her to buy filé powder, poor [...]

The More Things Stay the Same

I spent the day with my nieces (my brother’s girls), my sister and my daughter.  Not the eight girls we were prepared for, but close enough. We ate out for breakfast, then bought some cheap craft items to do during Sun’s nap.  Then we went bowling — my nieces’ choice.  I forgot just how bad [...]

Worm Composting in a Nutshell

A few questions arose about the logistics of my worm bin.  I am nothing if not a sharer.  So here’s what I’ve learned so far. Your standard leaf compost pile is good.  But for ubanites that don’t have enough “brown” items, primarily dead leaves, then your pile will be too “green” and not compost so [...]