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Filé Emergency

My pal, Leendaluu, mentioned to me that she planned on making gumbo for the Superbowl.  This was a week and a half ago.  Clearly she already believed the Saints would be in the game.  And so did I.  And her being in upstate New York makes it hard for her to buy filé powder, poor [...]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I haven’t been feeling the urge to write lately.  I write more when I am down, and as things have been rather peachy over here, there’s not much inspiration for writing. I’ve been appreciating my weekdays with Sun a whole lot more lately.  I think it’s that she’s getting to an age, finally, where she’s [...]


We’ve dropped my mother-in-law at the airport after a three-week visit. What a crazy three weeks it’s been. And now I am home and Sun is napping and my small house feels large, cold and empty. And that mirrors my heart. Mia is from New Orleans and her love of the city rivals mine. She, [...]

Calling All Engines

Sun cried in the middle of the night. We called her to our bed and all three of us went back to sleep. A few hours later, I awoke with Sun in my arms. There was peace. And I thought, “what was that bothering me yesterday?” Then I remembered. And the obligation of guilt kicked [...]

Elmira, Giddy Up Oom Poppa Omm Poppa Mow Mow

Eleven hours, two smelly planes, two airports, one crazy van ride and many delays, we have arrived at our hotel in Elmira, NY.  I still need to look at a map to see where the hell I am–close to Canada?  My geography is so lacking.  Okay, I looked at a map just now. I don’t [...]

Suite & Tender

Comic Con is in full swing in San Diego and we are in the middle of it!  This year seems more crowded, with my favorite Exhibitor not here I left my laptop at home and am on CS’s, so pics are forthcoming. Tonight, though, was decadent. We went to a mod restaurant .  One that’s [...]

2010 Ford Taurus

Greta of Kiss My Gumbo extended an invitation to me and three other bloggers (and Chris Shultz extended the same invitation to several other NOLA bloggers) from folks at Ford who are part of the 100 Cities Tour promoting the 2010 Taurus. It was really great to meet other NOLA bloggers I hadn’t yet met [...]

Happily Ever After

Friday night was another wedding for us, as was Saturday.  These two both had a bittersweet element to them.  Each had a family member that died too soon. Friday’s wedding left me somber and sad.  The death of the bride’s brother some ten years ago still stings us all from time to time.  I couldn’t [...]

I Do, I Will

It’s wedding season here in New Orleans.  We’ve been invited to not less than six weddings in six weeks.   Some are the traditional New Orleans’ wedding: Cathedral ceremony and country club reception.  And some are less traditional: all-in-one wedding/reception at a room in a local restaurant.  And several in between: home ceremonies, French Quarter brunches, [...]

Releasing Tension

I am a “tight” knitter: my stitches are tight.  I have to remind myself to ease up on the tension of the yarn; relax my fingers and my mind.  I knit a cap for CS years ago, and it was a big hit.  It was a straight knit 4, purl 4 pattern, your typical skull [...]