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Why We Tremble

Hurricane Isaac is on the charts and damn near every New Olreanian is a bit bonkers about it. And superficially there seems really to be only one reason why: Katrina. That bitch. But is that all that’s going on? Some sort of weird Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome for those of us that went through Katrina? [...]

Katrina, Six Years Later and Still NOT Funny

During today’s Saints/Bears game, Seymour D. Fair tweeted the following: “Katrina sign behind me. #saints #whodat” and linked to this pic: And Saints fans far and wide came down like a ton of bricks about the insensitivity of Chicago Bears fans. Until it was astutely pointed out that this sign is pro-Saints. Note the black [...]

House of Dance and Feathers

Pulling up to the address on Tupelo Street, it was what I expected: a home. The museum is in a small building in the Lewis’ backyard. A woman was sitting on her front steps. And in the shadows of the trees sat Ronald Lewis on his front porch. Waiting for us. He instructed us to [...]

To the Sea

For those of us who returned after Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf coast, and to New Orleans, we frequently get questioned: Why did you return? How could you have returned?  We evacuated to Little Rock on Sunday.  Monday, my husband flew to Philadelphia for his job; he returned two weeks later.  I spent much of [...]

Bowing Down

I finished Dan Baum’s “Nine Lives: Death and Life in New Orleans” this afternoon. Then watched the season finale of HBO’s “Treme.” *Sigh* Maybe it is still too soon for me to return to Katrina memories—those feelings of utter hopelessness and gut-wrenching devastation.  The knowledge of the fallibility of every level of our American government.  [...]

Four Years is Enough for Me

Four years ago.  That’s what’s been abuzz in New Orleans on the news, radio, twitter. NPR did a story Thursday that will be published this Sunday in the New York Times Magazine.  I tuned in midway through the story, the story about Dr. Pou and the deaths at Baptist Hospital, a story every New Orleanian [...]

Dearly Departed

My uncle died Friday, I found out today.  Well, technically, he’s the husband of my first cousin once removed, but what do you call such a relation that is more than twice your age?  In the South, we call him “Uncle.” My 80+ year old “aunt” and I share the love of genealogy.  I visited [...]

You Can’t Go Home

I went on a field trip yesterday, really a wild goose chase that bore no fruit.  It led me to the neighborhood I grew up in.  The area was very badly damaged by Katrina.  As I drove toward my old address, I passed the hospital I was born in, the library I used to spend [...]

Hard to Say He was Lucky, But…

The loss and devastation currently playing out in Myanmar cannot but remind us here in New Orleans of Hurricane Katrina.  I’ve previously mentioned the loss of my grandparent’s fishing camp in Katrina.  This was a colossal building — two stories, over 3,000 square feet, exterior walls all cinder blocks.  But not all was lost.  In [...]

Still Missing Hopedale

I keep thinking of my grandparents fishing camp in Hopedale.  I still think of it as existing, as housing chiffarobes and roll-a-way beds, crab nets and fishing poles, seafood pots and Styrofoam beer huggies.  I can still see the spot of kitchen floor tile that sank as a result of Hurricane Betsy.  I spent two [...]