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I sit on the floor Near a drafty door Wondering why I haven’t sat here before. When I dated CS, I sat on his sofa in the den we now share listening to Cowboy Junkies as I read the titles to the books on his shelves and he prepared dinner for us. My heart expanded [...]

Upon the Occassion of Diminishing One’s Self

I can’t diminish myself enough to be worthy of those people.” ~Becky Allen I am sure we all have people in our lives we feel we don’t measure up to in their eyes; that no matter what we do, it will always fall short of what these people will expect of us. I am 41 [...]

Hacked Off

This lil blog got hacked. The techies, quick to the fix, their brains barely racked. But the site took on some licks. So as things get reset to the way of my choosing don’t get sad or beset. Enjoy festive boozing! Yes, go sip an egg nog or a Ramos fizz gin. Nibble a yule [...]

The Meaning of Life

Another funeral attended today Squeezed between billable hours. A life’s accomplishments recognized; A day’s work to do. Focus made on the small moments, The quiet moments filled with love. Allowing that one’s work is so much more than the hours spent doing the job. And permitting that pleasure is successes and soirees and hard-won wins [...]

To the Sea

For those of us who returned after Hurricane Katrina to the Gulf coast, and to New Orleans, we frequently get questioned: Why did you return? How could you have returned?  We evacuated to Little Rock on Sunday.  Monday, my husband flew to Philadelphia for his job; he returned two weeks later.  I spent much of [...]

Potty Talk

“Mom,” Sun sings as she steps out of the bathroom, clean and damp.  Her mother lay in her darkened room too tired to respond.  “Mom!” Sun happily runs through the rooms, seeking.  Still, her mother stays quiet.  “Mommy,” Sun insists as she leaves the front rooms, diligent in her search.  “Mommy. . . ” Methodically, [...]

Squelching Time

Knotted shoulders Unknit yarn. Too tired to read Too burdened to sleep. Stifling heat Trifling tasks. Long days Fleeting life.

Chaser Blues

Not the dreaded Mean Reds.  Just classic blues.  I’ve got a case of them. The thing about the blues is that you can run and occupy your time, your mind, and fall in bed too tired to even read.  But those blues?  They’ll sneak into your dreams.  They’ll leave their taste in your mouth when [...]

Blowing in the Wind

You’re not the least bit terrified of what happens before you’re born. Why, then, are you so terrified of what happens after you die? The world ends. And the world begins. And ends. And begins. Working with families that have suffered a death makes me more familiar with death than I suspect most people [...]

Tis Time

Swollen, red eyes The ego threatened. Or can it be that it is not the ego at all but a real threat to your very livelihood? And does it matter either way when the answer is the same: Tis time. Time to move, grow, fear. Time to be the best you ever dreamed possible.