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What’s Wrong with Romney’s Tax Returns

Mitt Romney is releasing his tax returns today, literally reams of paper to cover two tax years. Why hundreds of pages for just two tax years? Well, taking advantage of every loophole in the Tax Code requires many forms to be completed. What Romney risks with showing his return is NOT that we learn he is [...]

Fruit or Vegetable, a Tomato is Uncommon and Possibly Illegal

Laughing Buddha Nursery posted a link to this article today on Facebook. And it got my blood good and boiling. Apparently a couple in Oak Park, MI had their front lawn torn up to replace a sewer line.  With all that dirt, the couple decided that instead of grass, they’d plant a vegetable garden. And [...]

A Stance of Non-Violence, Revisited

I wrote the following partial post on June 7, 2010: When non-violence in speech, thought and action is established, one’s aggressive nature is relinquished and others abandon hostility in one’s presence. ~Yoga Sūtra II.35 of Patañjali. On the evening of September 11, 2001, I had a yoga class scheduled. Knowing yoga always cleared my mind, [...]

Questioning Guns and Violence

I am not an advocate of gun rights.  That makes me sound very un-American these days.  This Salon article surveys the rise of the power of the lobby that is the NRA and the backing down of Democrats to push for tighter regulation of guns.  The most shocking statement in the article is that “a [...]

Starting With One’s Self

My post yesterday expressed a lot of anger I have over what I have perceived as the culmination of an atmosphere that has been becoming increasingly charged in large part by the tea party and their much-touted gun rights position. It was pointed out to me on Twitter that this vitriol we today are hearing [...]

No One Said being Responsible was Easy

Yesterday, I learned Tulane posted on its listserv that is accessibly by all Tulane employees and students that an employee’s laptop had been stolen over the holidays, and that the computer had on it all, ALL, employee confidential information–name, social security numbers, salary, date of birth, date of hire–for all 2010 employees.  And Tulane’s response [...]

The Business of Being Born

I watched The Business of Being Born last night.  Every woman that is pregnant or may become pregnant should see this documentary.  Seriously.  Here is an excellent article on the film. What this documentary is NOT about is suggesting all births should be done at home in a pool of water.  It is also NOT about [...]

Unity in Satiety

Today. Well, what a day.  My closest Republican friend stopped following me on Twitter today.  Then resumed following me by day end.  I understood her need for space not hearing us pat each other on the back.  Then one of the Republican attorneys I work with said he appreciated Obama’s speech, reaching to those that [...]

God. Bless. America.

I expected Obama to win.  I was cynical there’d be Republican hanky-panky.  So I guess I didn’t let myself think about how I’d feel WHEN he won.  And now he has. Barack Obama is to be our 44th President.  Such an incredible moment in American history.  What do I feel?  Pride, relief, hope. Wow.  To [...]

Change is in the Air

I have been a bit consumed with the upcoming election.  I tend to be apolitical.  But over the years, I have begun to be dissatisfied with certain things and I am one of those that feels that those who complain without attempting to improve things can just shut up.  So I started to educate myself [...]